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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Accessories for Nokia E65 you would recommend

External speakers dock, remote control headphones and FM transmitters are some gadgets iPod users look when they want to get more out of their mp3 player. What Nokia E65 accessories have you purchased or wish you could have?

One thing is an extra battery. With so many features for the Nokia E65, you can soon find yourself with a flat battery. In the same line of thought, a car charger is very handy.

The E65 also has the capability of being hooked up to a bluetooth GPS dongle so that the E65 can be used as a GPS.

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  1. could someone recommend a wireless stereo headset for e65 (via bluetooth)
    which is the best available? and which is good under 25 US dollars?
    i found a sony for 25dollars and motorola for 75+ dollars! sony has good volume but the bass and fx r low but thats all i can get for that price i guess...

  2. I think E65 doesn't support stereo bluetooth protokol (A2DP).
    I previously have a LD-3W, and it works fine.
    I've bought a wired stereo headset (HS-20), and it goes with full support D-pad with a 2DB SD card.
    Now I want to buy a Nokia Power Pack DC-1, and some kind of bluetooth headset.

  3. The E65 is really a gadget, therefor it has many accessories. I use:
    1. car charger
    2. Nokia Stereo headphones
    3. 3.5mm (standard earphones jack) adapter to be able to play music to all sorts of speakers I travel between.
    4. standard headset
    5. BlueTooth GPS receiver
    6. not related, but I have a car 3.5mm->FM transmitter, suits for every device I have

  4. checked out HS-20.. it looks pretty good and also has remote. can we change songs on it or only volume?? i also read that we can connect 3.5mm headphones onto it.. can we?

  5. There are volume control, stop, play/pause, fwd/rwd, phone answer keys, and a lock switch. All supports the bult-in music player. It's in two pieces. So you can connet any type of 3,5mm jack to it. I use it with the origonal Nokia and a Sennheiser. Both works fine.