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Monday, February 18, 2008

Why Nokia E65? MP3 Alarms and Ringtones

One feature people hardly use is making their mp3 music or recordings their ringtones and alarms. For any sound file, you can open the file in Nokia's music player and then under OPTIONS select ""Set As Ringing Tone". You might want to set a certain song as a reminder for you to do something. Or you could set your own voice recording of yourself telling you to wake up or take out the trash. This is a novel alternative to setting calendar reminders but could be awkward if you forget to change your alarm back to something more generic the next time you use it in a public place.

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  1. yes mp3 ringtones are nice but it is not so in the long run.. the main reason being battery consumption.. too much battery is consumed when playing out mp3 as a ringtone. u might say why it is so since its the same speaker that we use.. but it is so. using polyphonic is the most efficient way and close to it comes WAV format which also doesnt take much power. mp3 and mp4 has a more sophisticated compression technique which is one reason. volume is not a big factor.

    another way to reduce load on the phone is to copy the tone you want to play as ringtone on to ur device memory which is "extremely" useful. so each time the phone rings it wont have to access the micro card. the access time also goes down considerable when using device memory.

    if u still like to play "real" music as a tone then i recommend u convert the mp3 or flac files to wav format and copy it on device memory (or on micro card if space is limited) even though the size of wav format will be almost twice (or sometimes more than twice depending on the connversion) that of mp3 its well worth it as its much easier for the phone to playback and the quality of output is also the same as an mp3...

  2. I can´t change the ringtone on my e65.
    When i go to Profiles>General>Personalize and choose ringtone when i select one that isn't built in (an mp3 from the memory card or not) it says not alowed...What can i do to solve this? ...PLease help me..

  3. still waiting for some answer...pliz ...i UPDATE : i discovered that i can only add ring tones from nokia website...but i still would like to import my mp3's like before the firmware reinstall..PLiz

  4. Sorry but unless you are paying me, you may have to wait a while for a free reply :) Seems strange that you need to add ringtones from Nokia website only.. you may need to do a hard reset on your phone which will wipe everything - messages, contacts etc. Otherwise just stick with the normal nokia ringtones - they aren't that bad just don't choose the Nokia theme ringtone. :) Btw - u can donate anytime you like :)