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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nokia E65 free on Three $29 cap!!

It had to be mentioned. Australia's Three network is offering the Nokia E65 for FREE on their $29 cap with up to $190 worth of calls to Three ($70) and non Three ($120) users. Pair this up with a $29 2GB data plan and you have a very sweet mobile and internet deal.

Optus is still offering E65 for $5/month on the $49 cap (catch up optus!) and Telstra... isnt offering the E65!

EDIT: Save an additional $24 when you sign up to three, read more here

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  1. Telstra will NEVER be as competitive as the other carriers...because their expense is 1000x higher than others...

  2. yeah all that advertising to say they are the best. I guess its cheaper than BEING the best

  3. Telstra will never have the E65 because it doesn't support their "Next G" network...

  4. yeah good on telstra hey?