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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How to fix youtube videos not showing on Nokia mobiles

Just solved a problem I had for a while. Realplayer never seemed to work properly, saying no connection could be made to the videos off I checked the "CONNECTIONS" settings in RealPlayer (which I completely forgot even existed) and realised that for some reason there was a PROXY set up, i selected NO to the proxy and tried the videos again and now Mobile YouTube works!

However, the YouTube application still refuses to work. I don't really intend to watch much on my phone but it's just one of those things... its good to know that you can.

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  1. Sounds great I've got the trouble, that I am not able to receive NASATV via real Stream... RealPlayer reduces to voice only - which is not what I wanted - any idea...

  2. You can get NASA tv buy installing ORB then posting the link for NASA tv into ORB but you must use the windows stream and NOT the realplayer. This work great for me.

    New E65 user.

  3. My YouTube app never played videos, however miraculously I tried again last week and it all works now. ^_^

  4. Thank you very much!!!!! It solves the same problem for Nokia E66 too.

  5. The default connection in my Realplayer was set to my Wireless instead of my 3G service. to fix I went to:

    Menu > Tools > Settings > Applications > RealPlayer > Streaming > Network

    I changed the "Default Access Point" to my GPRS connection and this fixed the issue.

  6. 1) Change the network connection in real player to what you use (if you are using 3g, select 3g)

    2) Change the proxy to No

    3) Use the same connection in no 1 (if prompt when opening youtube)

    Tried many times before, until today, I managed to play a youtube video on my nokia e63...

  7. i had simmler problem but i fix that by format

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  8. thank you it works