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Monday, February 11, 2008

Youtube on Nokia - does it work?

I recently posted an entry about Youtube's new software for Nokia E65 and other symbian phones but I found that it didn't work for me. I only tried using my WIFI connection at home to try it out but it kept saying something like "connection lost. please restart the video". The previews for the videos show up fine but when I click on the video, it doesnt show up. Did anyone else have better luck with this?

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  1. I've tried it several times (both on WLAN and 3G), but it only worked at once.

  2. I've tried it (uk phone in uk, flashed to firmware 2 using nss) and it works flawlessly.
    Actually, my pc's wifi dongle seems to have more problems holding a connection than my phone!

    I installed the app from the youtube url mentioned on the site, it searches for a wifi connection every time and asks to select one (so annoying-only one here) but works very wll after doing so.

    Would love to help if I can - any questions for it?

    [my e65 problem: opening the slider occasionally causes the phone to reboot - truly annoying!]

  3. Worked for me!
    I've tried in a VF phone in Spain with my wlan at home, installed from the link you provided and works neatly.
    Thankx for another great app!

    P.D. First comment in your site... yay!

  4. David - Opening the slider and it reboots obviously is a manufacturer's problem, best to take it back to where you bought it from.

  5. IT Workss!!!
    open on ur cellphone and sort of a message will appeare telling you to install an application for yotube. its a 250kb application thats opens youtube videos on your mobile and fast streamer too. good luck!!

  6. =) the mobile site works fine the normal site dosent work. Works great on my e65 :) hope this helps

  7. It works fine (Orange @ France)

  8. youtube doesnt runs properly on my phone....can i update my realplayer of the phone ..............