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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nokia E65 tip - Avoid hanging up while sliding down

Previously I mentioned in Watch that slide that one problem with slide phones is that you can't slide it down during the call. Thanks to Roobin for clearing that up. You can in fact slide the phone down during a call by pressing the top left selection key (has OPTIONS above it) then slide the phone down. The phone will not hang up, it will only ask if you would like to lock the phone.

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  1. wow.. thats a nice trick.. but i hope there is some way to avoid hanging up forever! instead of each time going to options in the middle of a call

  2. dude. do you know if it's good to flash 3G's firmware with Nokia's E65 latest firmware?

  3. not quite sure what you are referring to about 3G. Maybe you mean the phone company THREE? I dont think the E65 firmware update is available for THREE users (apparently was taken off the site for some reason). THis may change some time in the future